Freeze Pants +1

by Chase - 02/18/20

Oh how the snow feels so good sometimes ^^

Track Pants +1

One Shot One Kill

by Jakka - 02/16/20

That feeling when you down AV in one zerg. Feels oh so good!

Amazing turnout today and good job everyone!

Congrats on the loot fam:

Mars's Ring - Siknoz | Futsuno - Busy | Minerva's Ring - Pasta๐Ÿ• | Bellona's Ring - Mcturbo | Raphael's Rod - Reecey

Blessed By Absolute Virtue

by Jakka - 02/11/20

We made quick work of AV on Sunday and he showered us with shiny more toys.

Shout out to Aeroo for confirming that we got a Ninurta's Sash for real this time.

Congrats on the loot fam!

Ninurta's Sash - Gouki | Mars's Ring - Ryderx | Minerva's Ring - Tommi ๐Ÿช | Bellona's Ring - Mikuki | Raphael's Rod - Ryderx

Another Day, Another Jorm

by Jakka - 02/02/20

Had a little low man fun with our good friend Jorm!

Congrats to the little guy, Freeze on track pants!


by Aeroo - 02/01/20

Coney keeps dropping things! Congrats Bugatti.

Hello, old friend.

by Aeroo - 01/31/20

It's been a while since we played with our old rabbit. First one of 2020 and he did not disappoint. Congrats Juliachan on the mantle!

Tiamat Shows, Doesn't Disappoint

by Jakka - 01/29/20

Tiamat re-appeared today after fans were outraged over the previous no show. Good thing we knew when to expect him.

Congrats Bercus on boots!

Tiamat a No Show, Disappoints

by Jakka - 01/26/20

We received reports that a large group of players had gathered together to waste their entire weekend in Attohwa camping a dead wyrm.

Little did they know that we already killed it.

Congrats to Veltemp on the boots!

Another One

by Jakka - 01/25/20

More AV action this weekend!

Congrats fam:

Futsuno - Pelikaani | Mars's Ring - Deft | Minerva's Ring - Siknoz | Bellona's Ring - Skitles๐ŸŒˆ | Raphael's Rod - Bercus

TopShelf Strikes Back!

by Jakka - 01/25/20

Loot drops have evaded us so far this year but today we had a breakthrough.

We got our 1st pair of track pants of 2020. Congrats Skitler ๐ŸŒˆ on your 2nd pair!