Getting Cozy With Jorm

Nasomi aka The Grinch tried to spoil our fun this morning but we told Jorm that we've been good this year.

Look at what he gave us..... Congrats to Siknoz on Track Pants!

TS Raids Broney, Finds Treasure

WOW, Broney has embraced the holiday spirit. He's given us 2 mantles in 3 days!

Congrats to Freeze on gigant mantle and vaul on fylgja torque!

Nidhogg Attempt Ends In Tragedy

The traveling circus is still roaming around Vanadiel, this time in Dragon's Aery.

Unfortunately during the performance, something went horribly wrong and chaos ensued.

We're a linkshell that prides itself on public service so we stepped in to clean up the mess.

Congrats to Freeze on BOTH Ebody and Mbody!

Circus at Tiamat?!?!

We heard that there was a circus in Vanadiel today with Tiamat as the main attraction so we decided to attend.

We accidentally found a pair of gaiters!

A Wild Coney Appears!

Another Gigant Mantle for the LS, courtesy of Broney. Congrats to me!

Track Pants: Part 3

Can Njr redeem himself? No pressure.

Congrats big guy!

Early Bird Catches The Wyrm

Had some fun with Tiamat on a Saturday morning the fam. Grats Chika on the new merch.

Btw, < call21 > BUGATTI FOCUS™


5AM Tiamat? Np We're international! Congrats Jakka on them boots!

Weekend Jorm

We had some fun with Jorm this morning. Congrats Njr on 2nd Track Pants!


Congrats Veruna!