Shitshow Nidhogg

Congrats Salty on M.Body, Moorey on A.Body and Pasta/myself on N.Legs!

Another Day, Another Coney!

Congrats Ceno!

Image from Gyazo


Skank ass rabbit finally put out. Grats Mikuki.

Best Whm Jump claim!

Congrats, Njr on Gaiters!

12% Faster

Congrats Bugatti aka Snake Boy on the Gaiters!

Track Pants +1!

Congrats Roy on the finished Track pants!

Coney? Coney.

Big wow, thanks Coney. Congrats Booger.

Another Day, Another Dragon

Tiamat Down. Congrats Shodoka on his 2nd pair of gaiters! Zoom zoom!

Here goes #8!

Great job again from everyone!
Bit of an asshole AV. He opened with a stun and closed with no sash or aureole but he is dead. See you again.

Tiamat Down

Gaiters to Veruna! Congrats buddy!