AV update

Since AV didn't want to show on Saturday, we got revenge x2 on Sunday.
Grats everyone on drops!


First a Prudence Rod now Gaiters and a Gigant what a day for Berens!

Snake Pants

Congrats on well earned Track Pants +1 to Bugatti!

Weekend Warriors

Hell of a weekend for TS! Congrats Lyle on EBody, Ryderx on MBody, Freeze (myself) on NLegs. Sadly, no ABodies!

Manteel + Rev

CG Sinclair on the Manteel + Sapa Rev Helm


Day 1/2 yesterday was a huge success already, but today got even better!
For the first time we managed to kill 2 AV per day which brings us to a total of 3 kills this weekend!
Very impressive, perfect execution and commitment. Proud of you Bois!
Congratulations on your new toys!

Day 1/2

Let's see what tomorrow will bring!
Amazing execution again, congrats on Drops!

Turtle Rain

CG Mikuki + Peli on Dalmy's + Ase on W.Body + Peli on Black Belt + Sapa on M.Feet for his never future +1

CG New Guy...

First day in the LS and gets Gaiters. What a time to be alive. CG Vaul!

Gig + Muffs

CG Skits on the Gigant Mantle and Peli on the Mufflers!