Another Fafnir

by Bercus - 09/30/20

Another day, another Fafnir.
Congratulations Nyin on Neptunal abjuration: head.

Big Dog goes down!

by Deft - 09/30/20

The team went out to camp Cerberus and ended up with a date with Sarameya.


by Bercus - 09/29/20

Congratulations Awfl on Neptunal abjuration: head, Stonymonk on Pixie Earring,
Leonira on Wyrmal abjuration: head & last but not least Veruna on martial abjuration: legs.


by Bercus - 09/29/20

Two one shots, one Sash. Come on!


Siknoz on N-Sash
Ida on Aureole
Woodelemental on Mars Ring!
Awfl & Leonira on Bellonas Ring!
and also
Awfl & Bercus on Minervas Ring

AV... see you next time!

Fafnir strikes again

by Bercus - 09/25/20

Congratulations Dantes on Neptunal abjuration: head

Imblax The Poet

by Njr - 09/24/20

Been a while since we vanquished Vrtra!

Congrats Imblaxican on the Sha'ir Manteel!

*Fact: did you know Shai'r means Poet in arabic?

Early Bird Catches the Wyrm

by Imblaxican - 09/23/20

It's going to be difficult to claim KS99 is a waste of time to these individuals.

Congrats on Speed Belt Nyin, Basha & Awfl.


by Imblaxican - 09/19/20

Huge congrats to the following:

  • Veruna on N. Sash
  • Climhazzard & Basha on Aureole
  • Shikigami & Stonymonk on Mars's Ring
  • Nyin & Aremtee on Bellona's Ring
  • Woodelemental on Minverva's Ring

In addition to:

  • Veruna on N. Head
  • Woodelemental on Ridill

Worth The Long Wait

by Imblaxican - 09/17/20

Jorm was being stingy for unknown reasons but couldn't give up on Veruna.

Congratulations to Veruna on Track Pants & Climnuke on Merc Pole

Dead Rabbit

by Imblaxican - 09/16/20

Congratulations to:

  • Robinchan on Stone Mufflers
  • Bellamy on Gigant Mantle