Trade-Market for Endgame Items

We will be trading the following listed items for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Virtues, and Deeds of Moderation and Sensibility.
Try reaching out to Exelyon, Chase, Aeroo, Tommi, Berens, Njr, Viktoriya, Aselius, Aqui, Fid, or Governor.

The items will be traded on a point system. However, there are caps on certain items.

One full JOL popset is worth 24 points. We will trade you 1 Novio Earring for 1 Jailer of Love Popset(One 4th virtue, One 5th virtue, One 6th virtue).

First Virtue4 pointsno cap we do NOT take any 1st Virtue for Novio atm
Second Virtue2 pointsmax 3 we do NOT take any 2nd Virtue for Novio atm
Third Virtue3 pointsno cap we do NOT take any 3rd Virtue for Novio atm
Fourth Virtue7 pointsno cap
Fifth Virtue7 pointsno cap
Sixth Virtue7 pointsno cap
Deed of Placidity------
Deed of Moderation------
Deed of Sensibility2 pointsno cap
Ghrah M Chips (stack)1 pointmax 6, not tradeable for Novio

Novio Earring24 points
Novia Earring4 points
Love Torque9 pointsmust be present at JoL kill
Justice Torque12 pointsmust be present at JoJ kill
Hope Torque4 pointsmust be present at JoH kill
Prudence Torque4 pointsmust be present at JoP kill
Sha'ir Manteel24 pointsCURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE
Herald's Gaiters4 full JoL sets or 120 pointscaps raised, message for details

So for example: OUTDATED - these examples do not apply!
4 first virtues and 4 second virtues will be accepted for anything worth 24 points(3x4+3x4).
6 deed of moderations(capped), 6 stacks of Grah M Chips, 6 third virtues(capped), and 6 deed of sensibilities(capped) will be accepted for anything worth 24 points(6x1+6x1+6x1+6x1).
2 first virtues, 2 second virtues, 6 deeds of moderation(capped), and 6 deeds of sensibility(capped) will be accepted for anything worth 24 points(2x3+2x3+6x1+6x1).
1 fourth virtue, 1 fifth virtue, 3 first virtues, and 1 stack of Grah M Chips will be accepted for anything worth 24 points(1x7+1x7+3x3+1x1).
Despite 1 fourth, 1 fifth, and 1 sixth virtue adding up to 21 points; we will accept all 3 for anything worth 24 points.

First come, first serve, happy farming!

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